Useful Videos

If you are finding all the text in the explainer a bit too much, below you can find some useful videos that help to explain certain issues.


An animated introduction to Israel and Palestine – courtesy of Jewish Voice for Peace


BDS: A movement for freedom, justice and equality – courtesy of the BDS Movement


Israel’s Apartheid System of Identification for Palestinians from the film ‘Imprisoning A Generation’, courtesy of Anemoia Projects


What Does BDS Mean For Palestine? – courtesy of AJ+


Where Did the Palestinians Go? – courtesy of AJ+


How Israel systematically harasses and abuses Palestinian kids – courtesy of AJ+


The Struggle Of Palestinian Farmers Under Occupation – courtesy of AJ+


Israeli Settlements Explained – courtesy of AJ+


Israel’s Second Class Citizens – courtesy of AJ+


Why Antisemites Love Israel – courtesy of AJ+


Trailer for Roadmap to Apartheid – courtesy of Journeyman Pictures